Professor Hollander is interested in how cities and regions manage physical change during periods of growth and decline and the cognitive, health, and social dimensions of community well-being.

As the director of the Urban Attitudes Lab, Hollander studies the intersection between technology, planning, and design through social media data analysis and psychological research.

Professor Hollander has written seven books and over 50 articles, book chapters, and reports on legacy cities, Big Data, brownfields, and urban design, including the 2016 book Urban Social Listening: Potential and Pitfalls for Using Microblogging Data in Studying Cities and the 2018 An Ordinary City: Planning for Growth and Decline in New Bedford, Massachusetts

He is regularly called upon as an expert for a variety of media sources on planning and policy issues, including:


You can view a portfolio of urban planning and design projects he has led, working with Tufts students. He hosts an Apple podcast Cognitive Urbanism and produces the web series Hubbub"